The Wheel of Emotions

My therapist once introduced me to the Wheel of Emotions. I think it will also serve as an intelligent starting point for any design project.


A new era–blogging on the go.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is over Facebook, excuse me–Meta. At the risk of sounding full of myself – technically, I weaned off the old platform a few years ago. Never mind the ghost account I left up to appease irrelevant future employers. And the Instagram account I left intact in the name of staying connected through the age of COVID… okay, you’re right… I’m just as tethered to it’s the rest of you shmucks. What can I say? It takes a shmuck to know a shmuck. COVID isolation aside, there is something nice about being able to pop open an app, doll up an image, and pour your soul into a black hole, convincing yourself that you truly have stumbled upon the fountain of youth; you are, in fact, woke and everyone will benefit from your allusive lines weaving fall, love-and-be-loved, coffee, a boss lady with some coy, slightly arrogant, yet self-defacing phrase about just figuring it out as you go and, oops I woke up this way. While you excuse all responsibility of any possible offense that may or may not be taken with the standard ‘haters gonna hate’ and here—have this photoshopped image of … Read more…

Ladies of the Forest

I have a friend who see castles in the the clouds. She is a one heck of an artist, a creative through and through living with the freedom and care free soul of true hippie. One day she called me up and said she had an idea. She wanted to cover human bodies in mud and pose them like trees in the forest. And that is exactly what we did.Enjoy!
RSDP_people_lotf (38 of 44)

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