Take the weather from your heart

It’s cold outside. Rain is falling. It smells fresh but weighs heavy on the window glass. The world is spinning and I have hunch I’m not the only one feeling like this whole human operation is out of control. Party lines are growing thicker and despair is setting in. All eyes I can see are nervously shifting- scanning the skyline, holding their breath, hoping praying, murmuring something about day light. Whispers ruffle through human souls “I remember there is a sun, there is light and it will come again”. Limp cold, heavy hands slowly make their way from gripping my chest across a chasm of unknown air and land on the shoulder of my fellow man. They land. I can feel a pulse. It’s slow, it’s so slow, it’s barley there. But it’s there. That fellow man is a live. He is damp with fear and anxiety. His eyes are shifting but soon they land on mine. I don’t know his language. But in this moment, it doesn’t matter. The thick lines of religion, sexual orientation, race, gender, political views, status or income fade to black. In this moment, he is human. I am human. We are flesh and blood. We meet in the land of our humanity. We are spirt- we are soul, we are thought, we are blood, we are dust and we are connected by the fibers that give us form and being. He is my brother; he is my friend. And we are here standing in the cold rain under and enormous billowing cloud of despair. But the warmth of touch and the power of sight begin to revive us. Without the right words, or any words, our souls do the talking. “I see you, therefor I hear you. I hear you therefor I love you. I love you therefor I carry you. You are not different from me. Your pains are my pains. Your fears are my fears, and while I can’t tell you how this story will end- I can tell you I will be right here, by your side”. And in this moment of raw fundamental acceptance the breath of heaven blows between us. Hope finds soil and begins to take root.Fear subsides – all I feel is deep love. Every fiber of my being wants to pull him in and hold him. Comfort him, whisper over and over. We are ok. WE are ok…… We are ok. This is not the time for lines that divide us. It is time for soil that unites us, nourishes us, and creates space for hope and light amid a treacherous rain storm. Viva La Resistance.